Grilled Chicken with Bacon Spiked Baby Kale & Creamy Polenta


So many have asked for the recipe for this crazy yummy dish that I posted on my instagram feed a few weeks ago!! It’s so super easy and quick that there’s really no official recipe… 

Basically it’s just grilled chicken breasts sprinkled with borsari salt…I drizzle the chicken with a bit of olive oil & then grill for 7-8 min / side over high heat.  If it’s not grilling season you can broil using a rack set over a rimmed baking sheet.  (Same amount of time, on a rack set 5-6″ below a broiler set on high.) 

For the kale spiked with bacon, I sauté 4 pieces of bacon cut into pieces in a pan & then throw in a container of baby kale (or spinach).. finish by hitting it with a dash of your favorite balsamic once the kale is wilted… and that’s all set ;-)) If your other two items aren’t ready, I will often let the cooked bacon sit off the heat until the last min, then turn the heat back up and follow the rest of the instructions. 

Meanwhile, start the polenta during the grilling and kale sauteeing… There are so many different recipes and techniques out there…but basically I have found my method to be quite reliable!  Start by boiling 3 cups of chicken broth and then slowly whisk in 3/4 to 1 cup of cornmeal (depending on your consistency preferences – I like mine softer for this dish so I do 3/4 cup).  Reduce heat to med-low and cook stirring often for about 20 min. Add a Tbs of good cultured butter every 5 min until you get to 1/4 cup into the pan. When polenta is at a nice thick creamy consistency (it will harden more on the plate – don’t worry about it being a bit soupy), add in 1/2 cup grated Parmesan and season to taste with salt & pepper! Plate as shown and enjoy with your favorite Rose Wine!!! Cheers!!



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