Summer BBQ Wine Pairing Party

I don’t know about you…but I am SO excited that summer is right around the corner!!  Memorial Day is this weekend…and this is the perfect menu for your BBQ!  I was inspired to create this menu based on a party I recently threw as a fundraiser for my children’s elementary school.  The party was my annual “wine and food pairing” that I vary each year.  This time I decided to focus on the delicious flavors of summer, with easy entertaining in mind.  When I throw a party – I want to enjoy it just as much as my guests do 😉  So everything is make ahead, and tastes delicious room temperature or hot.

We started our food and wine pairing adventure with Lemony Garlicky Shrimp Bruschetta!  They were super yummy…and easy because I was able to marinate the shrimp early in the day so that when my guests arrived I simply opened up the fridge and served it right up.  I let my guests assemble their own toasts…so it was sort of a deconstructed “Bruschetta”.  It worked really well.  Also, since the brisket monopolized my oven all day…I got inventive with the toasts ;-))  I decided to grill them!  It worked out perfectly…although I did sweat a bit in the unseasonable 90+ degree heat we were baking in that day!  Haha!  It was worth it for the extra hit of smokey-ness that was imparted into the yummy crusty toasts.  The heat of the pepper flakes was perfectly tempered with the cool and refreshing Aperol Spritzes.  The orange hints in the cocktail paired deliciously with the citrus-y shrimp.  Yum!!


The other snack we offered, to whet our appetites, was some grilled Andouille Sausage Bites with Creamy Cajun Remoulade inspired by an Epicurious recipe.  They went out on the board they were cut up on a served with some picks.  So simple and delicious.  The spicy sausage and creamy sauce paired perfectly with the crisp acidic Rosé that we drank along side.

For our main meal I wanted to serve a Petit Sirah.  I just love how this big red pairs with BBQ’d meats.  I had read about Bogle’s version which is heavy on blueberry notes along with other red fruit and has some great juciness and body.  To pair with the blueberry notes I decided to try to modify my favorite recipe for Brisket to add in some of that sweet summer fruit 😉  It came out spectacularly.  Every one of us decided it was the highlight of the meal!


Alongside the brisket I served a BLT Pasta Dish….it’s really not a proper meal around here if there isn’t bacon served somewhere in it.  😉 The pasta dish couldn’t have been easier…I pretty much just threw some GF pasta together with crumbled bacon, chopped baby arugula and sliced cherry tomatoes.  Topped it with some of my favorite creamy caesar dressing and everyone devoured it.  Paired with the playful and bright Albariño, it was delightful!!

If you are super motivated…a green salad would make a nice addition to the menu…but with all the vegetables in the pasta dish…I figured we were covered! 😉

Finally we ended with a modified version of the Blackberry Peach Slow Cooker Crumble from the June issue of Cooking Light.  I replaced the flour with coconut flour… oh and added some more butter for good measure – hee hee!  Served topped with some good vanilla ice cream (coconut milk ice cream for me), and it was amazing.  We had some sparkly Cava left over from the Aperol Spritzes in the appetizer hour…and the crisp bubbly wine was an incredible accompaniment to the buttery fruity and creamy crumble.  MMmmm….still dreaming about it.

Oh and on a funny note… if you use this menu for your party… my only advice is – don’t place your crockpot full of dessert right in front of your brisket and fixings like I did… totally confused the heck out of my guests who logically expected some sort of braised meat to be in it!  Hhahaha! 🙂

I will continue to update this with pictures as I get them posted on Instagram…but I do have a few to start us off.  Please let me know if you try any of these recipes out and have any feedback for me!  I would love to hear it.  Also, be sure to share this with anyone you think would enjoy it…and tag me in your photos!

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and beginning of Summer celebration, no matter how you spend it!


Summer BBQ Wine Pairing Party

Snacks / Starters

Lemony Garlicky Shrimp Bruschetta
paired with sparkly Aperol Spritzes
Andouille Sausage Bites with Creamy Cajun Remoulade
paired with Rosé wine

Main Dishes

Smoky Blueberry Braised Brisket
paired with Petit Sirah
BLT Pasta Dish
paired with Albariño

Sweet Finish

Blackberry Peach Slow Cooker Crumble
paired with Cava (Sparkling Wine)

If this menu is just what you’ve been looking for…you can view/print all of the completely Gluten & Lactose Free recipes here –
Summer BBQ Wine Pairing Party – Recipes

And to make it even easier….here’s your shopping list to go with –
Summer BBQ Wine Pairing Party – Shopping List


For the non-GF/LF version of this menu or if you are interested in modifying this dinner plan in another way… Or for your OWN Custom Plan, please contact me at By being so prepared with your plan at the grocery store you will save so much $$ on your groceries.  Works for me every time…well when I actually do it – haha 😉  Dietary restrictions welcome!


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