The Sweetest Thing

Sugar.  It’s delicious.  Of course it’s delicious.  But man it’s SO bad for our bodies.  AND it sneaks into everything…  So doing a full sugar detox is super hard.  Our very good friend adapted the “Keto” diet several months ago.  He explained to me and my husband how much better he feels, and how it all… Continue reading The Sweetest Thing

Greek Zoodle-Noodle Bowl

Ok….seriously….these “noodles” are SOOOOOOOOooooo delicious. And easy.  And one stop shopping.  And so fast to make.  Yep they check every box for anyone who wants a healthy, yet comforting home cooked meal and yet… thinks they have NO TIME to get it done!   This is also the perfect recipe for the weeks when you… Continue reading Greek Zoodle-Noodle Bowl

Immunity Health Booster

Happy 2017!  I am surrounded by tissues and zarbees tea as I type this…every year it’s the same… My normally insane schedule goes into hyper-overdrive from Nov – Jan 1st…and as soon as I prepare to exhale a bit…boom – my winter cold hits!  I know for a fact that I’m not alone in this…… Continue reading Immunity Health Booster

One and Done! Beef Stroganoff…

So every once in awhile I would like to just share a really good recipe.  It takes so much research and trial and error to come up with delicious GF and LF solutions to classic recipes…that when I hit it spot on like I did this week — I just have to share!  My husband… Continue reading One and Done! Beef Stroganoff…