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Happy 2017!  I am surrounded by tissues and zarbees tea as I type this…every year it’s the same… My normally insane schedule goes into hyper-overdrive from Nov – Jan 1st…and as soon as I prepare to exhale a bit…boom – my winter cold hits!  I know for a fact that I’m not alone in this…  So, I’ve also been doing a bunch of research into auto-immune busting anti-inflammatory foods (turmeric anyone??).  I’ve recently been battling some skin issues that all seem to have the same unknown auto-immune origins…and it also seems I’m not alone in this struggle.  I feel like every other person I talk to is being annoyed by any frustrating skin condition from eczema to psoriasis with maybe a little rosacea and dermatitis sprinkled in…  So fun to talk about, right??  Well – hey…I’m putting it out there!!  This online article was huge in my research into the best foods to focus on when trying to bust inflammation in your body the natural way – check it out if you’re interested in learning more:

The top 15 anti-inflammatory foods I focused this menu on are:
Green Leafy Vegetables
Bok Choy
Blueberries (to incorporate these, try starting your day with a smoothie)
Bone Broth
Coconut Oil
Chia Seeds
Flax Seeds (add these to any of the salads for an extra boost)

While everyone right now is talking about “detoxing” and “cleanses” or “whole 30” etc… I lean a different way… I’m really never one to eliminate foods that I don’t have to…living without lactose is bad enough (and gluten for my poor husband)!! So this time of year when I know I’ve gone bananas in the last month (I’m talking to you Cider Mimosas and (aged) Cheese Platters) and way over my usual motto of “everything in moderation” … I like to take this month to balance things out…. The recipes in this menu are great for those of us who simply want to ADD in some healthy foods along with maybe a titch more exercise ;-))  The bonus that it will help boost our immune systems is the gravy on top ;-))  And even if it doesn’t help – the fact that every one of these recipes are out of this world delicious makes it all worthwhile!!  The recipe for the Bone Broth is super easy and gives you something warm to sip throughout the week.  And the Turmeric Tonic is a lovely way to end your day.

Cheers to a happy and HEALTHY New Year!!  ~SO

PS – If you’re eating out one night this week, make the Carrot Ginger soup at the beginning of the week instead and use it for easy lunches 😉

Tumeric Roasted Pork & Roasted Butternut Squash
with Baby Kale, Beet & Walnut Salad topped with
Ginger Lime Dressing


Sauteed Ginger Chicken with
Pineapple Broccoli & Celery Fried Rice


Turmeric Crusted Salmon with Bok Choy Provencal


Sesame Noodles with Scallops, Broccoli & Kale


Creamy Chia Coconut Ginger-Carrot Soup with
Arugula, Beet & Walnut Salad

Anti-inflammatory Boosters to Imbibe all Week:

Beef Bone Broth            &          Turmeric Tonic

 BoneBroth           TurmericTonic

For GLUTEN & DAIRY FREE recipes click here – anti-inflammatory-recipes

For GLUTEN & DAIRY FREE shopping list click here – anti-inflammatory-shopping-list

For the non-GF/LF version of this menu or if you are interested in modifying this dinner plan in another way… Or for your OWN Custom Plan, please contact me at By being so prepared with your plan at the grocery store you will save so much $$ on your groceries.  Works for me every time…well when I actually do it – haha 😉  Dietary restrictions welcome!


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